Saturday, 30 August 2008


Some people believe that 8 is a lucky number.  Our house is Pt 1048 (coincident je ni).

This 8th month of 2008, has brought some pain into my heart and tears into my eyes.

Early 08/08

My little girl was admitted to the hospital.  Saddened by it, but I knew it will happen some day. She had cold then exacerbate the un-diagnosed asthma.  Or should be better called, 'hyperactive pulmonary disease' (because it may go away as the child gets taller).  She was breathing very hard for air, not improving despite 5 time nebulisers and one shot of steroid.  So, we ended up in the ward that night.  Kids will always be kids, she felt better in 24 hours, started running around the ward despite her wheezy chest and demanded to go home. And then, came the fella, who talked to me and explained bla bla this and that, but forgot to introduce himself.  Who the heck was he? MO? HO? Registrar?  I knew he wasn't the specialist.  This is one crap thing about the local medical education, they forgot to teach the students to introduce themselves to the patients.  Sucks!  I'll make sure I convey this message to all my students.  The system has to change.

To make matter worse, I was on call for Histopathology that week.  First day, my fellow senior covered for me.  The rest of the week, I determined to do the on calls.  Too bad, the first two days processing the specimen, I couldn't concentrate.  Felt so bad that I had to leave my little girl at the tadika, eventhough she was improving clinically.  Felt so bad, that I couldn't finish up reading the slides within that week.

2nd and  3rd week of 08/08

Had to attend intensive course of basic statistics, research methology and good clinical practice.  More stress into my tiny brain.  I haven't started anything for my dessertation/master thesis.  My supervisor left it to me to decide on whatever subject I wanted to do, though he did specify something of soft tissue tumour.  In my own version, he might as well said "Lu pikir la sendiriiiiii....."

Postcalls slides still not finished.
More stress!!

Weekend between the courses, I had to fly back to KL to settle unfinished family business.  Ran up and down (literally of course) the PNB building, went to 4 banks in a day.  Trying to sort out the heritage. Encountered some personal problems.  Boo Hoo..... 

(Update 1/9/2008- The previous entry has been deleted to maintain privacy.  I meant what I have written.  It's for me to keep.  My apologies)

4th week 08/08

On call again.
This time cytology.  Stuck with the specialist who is a 'chipsmore' of the department.  'Kejap ada, sokmo takde'. I'm still grasping the basic of diagnosing by cytology.  It's going to be a very long post-calls week.

And the kids are messing the house.  Again and again.
Only the power of blackmailing made them tidy up their toys' room.  'Tidy your toys or no visit to KB Mall or Tesco", is it fair?

I'm tired.
I'm really really tired.

Have a nice weekend.

Most of all, Ramadhan al Mubarak!
Selamat melaksanakan ibadat berpuasa dan semoga Allah memberikan kekuatan kepada diri kita yang lemah ini.


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