Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Have this burning urge of writing on this wonderful wonderful morning.  So here is my second posting for today.

So much for trying to improve my BM writing skill.  But it was an attempt right?  I'll do it again, in the next and the next postings, InsyaAllah.

What I wanted to blog out is, the story behind the Sudirman's song that I've placed in my bunyi-bunyian box.  It was the first raya song I heard on the radio, for one raya season.  That was  back in 1993/94 during my matrix 1 (stop calculating my age hahha).  It was around early hours in the morning, about 1 or 2 o'clock.  Guess what happened?  I burst into tears.  Sloppy sobbing me.  I was only  in Kulim at that time.  The next incident, I played this song, during raya season in 1996/97, I was spending my summer in Hobart, Tasmania.  I didn't go back to Malaysia that summer holiday.  Again, I bursted into tears.  So, in short, I have a soft spot for this song.

As a conclusion, I prefer listening to the old raya songs sang by the original artistes.  I  have difficulties, accepting the new raya songs.  What about you?

English tak pandai, BM ntah ke mana? (Saya lah tu)


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pB said...


apa khabar ???
Lamo tok tinggal komen dalae blog Dr nie .....

moga moga puasa ni ceria sokmo

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