Thursday, 17 January 2008


I sat for my end posting exam yesterday.

I don't why, but since I started the attachment to Haematology Department, my spirits just soars a bit. I became demotivated, that I let my studying done in the last minute. Proven by, I completed my final case report about an hour before I started writing into this.

My exam? Theory part was not too bad, but the practical part was so-so. I might have failed some questions in the practical. Perhaps, I deserved it because for not putting much effort in some chapters of haematology.

And now, I am free as a bird. But only for a limited time. A week will do, to recover the aching brain cells!

Just now, I checked my email, and I am 'fortunate' to subscribe to an international malaysian doctor forum. Current discussion topic was, 'Shortage of Oncologists in Malaysia'. I felt like replying in these exact words, " Stop yapping!! Come back and help us at home!". Am I fair to said that, or I'll be labelled as plain rude?

Time to go home.


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