Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Happy Birthday Muhammad Darwish

6 tahun yang lepas, Muhammad Darwish bin Muhammad Farid telah dilahirkan di Launceston General Hospital, Tasmania, Australia pada jam 11:15malam. Selama 2 jam berjuang, akhirnya baby Darwish terpaksa dilahirkan dengan bantuan vacumm. Beratnya 3.36kg. Suami saya menemani saya setiap saat.

7 hari pertama Darwish terpaksa berada di bawah sinaran UV, sebab dia jaundice. 9 hari seterusnya, Darwish berada di kuarters doktor yang sempit bersama mummy dan ayah. Ketika itu, terasa umpama kami ni kawin lari.

Darwish had his first flying experience at the age of 16 days. Flying from Launceston to Melbourne, and Melbourne to Canberra. His Malaysian BC and passport was prepared in one day. I remembered, Darwish left a big poo in the Malaysian Embassy.

Flying back from Canberra to Melbourne took us an hour. Waited in Melbourne Airport for our midnight flight home. And Darwish, impressively, behaved in the whole flight. Mama and Papa waited for us in KLIA. This time. it wasn't me they rushed to, but their very first grandchild.

Baby Darwish stirred up excitement to the whole family because it had been 12 years since the last baby was brought back to the house.

2 months later, baby Darwish flew again. This time destination, Manchester, United Kingdom. Sheffield is an hour journey from Manchester. And that was where Darwish spent his 1st,2nd, 3rd and 4th birthday.

Darwish 5th birthday was not properly celebrated because Mummy was still kelam kabut with the new job and starting a new life in Kota Bharu.

This year, he has grown up a little. Smarter than before, but of course, still has his baby tentrum, that drove me mad. But, we still love him to bits.

Happy Birthday Darwish.

Mummy doakan Darwish menjadi anak yang soleh, dan berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat.
Malam ni, Darwish's birthday dinner. Got 2 cakes, one from mummy and one from NekNah (neighbour mama, who happens to have same birth-date as Darwish's).
PS: Despite this, felt sad a little because cik abang is back in KB because of work.
Darwish 6th 'Birthday Makan-Makan' video.

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