Thursday, 14 February 2008

Ooo Ooo

Hari ni Khamis 14hb Februari 2008.

On the 10th, my 'anak bongsu' celebrated her 4th birthday. The same day,we got a new niece. Alhamdulillah, after 2 days being in high dependency unit, she was discharged home into her mom's loving arms.

2 days later, at 220am on 12.02.2008, we got another niece. My 2nd sister delivered her 3rd child.

Yesterday, I decided to get myself a new laptop. So, got one. I'm using it now! Windows vista! Still fimiliarising (is there such word?) with my new baby. Well, the other two got new babies, I got mine too. Maternity instinct is so strong that I promise myself, I'll take a better of this one. Got a good price (I think), student rebate of RM200, plus free goodies and, most of all, the payment via credit card with montly installment. In current student life, laptop is a neccessity. Every presentation is computerised. Not like back in my old (mind you I'm still very young at heart) undergraduate days, when my presentations were only using the overhead projector.

I told my senior what I did. She said, 'it's ok to do crazy things in the 1st year' (because of our high stress level). To think of it, yes, I did one or two 'crazy things' in the last 6 months or so. I bought myself and my family, a 'bungalow' (not so big lah but comfy for family of 4). I bought myself a new laptop. My fellow classmates, the unmarried ones, got themselves new laptop each early in the Master course. The married ones, got themselves pregnant towards the end of our first year. Me? I think, I'm quiet happy getting myself, this new baby.

New home? Moving might has to be postponed. Maybe on schedule. Dunno. I can't believe the budak-budak wiring, doing things so slowly. They promised 3-4 days, but now it has dreaded into more than a week. Geram! Geram! So this weekend, I couldn't keep the promise to the kids, nak cuci rumah. Of course, their main intention is to play play water! To overcome, my 'geram'stration, I've decided to take my curtain maker a.k.a my cousin, to go shopping for more curtain tomorrow. Apa lagi, sign credit card lah. When the bill comes, eyeballs sure to come out one! That's me, I got this bad habit, bila stress,go for shopping therapy!
Later lah...
Have a good weekend.

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