Monday, 9 June 2008

Pink Monday

Sounds odd, but I haven't had a color-coded Mondays for a long while. I chose to title this entry pink Monday, obviously it is the color of the tudung I'm wearing today.

Not much excitement happened today. Another quiet day at the office (for now, not complaining).
I've started on-call as from today. This week, cytology, means I have to do fine needle aspiration of any lumps on the superficial parts of the patients. In layman's words, I just cucuk-cucuk the lump to get some cells out. 2 people were my victims today. I was out of practice, and sweated like a ..... during the procedure. As an excuse, I again blame the small-ness of the procedure room, that had made me perspired profusely ( a little exaggeration here).

Funny thing or not so funny things happened last week. They was funny because my-mom's son-in-law was trying to be Bob-the-builder and green-gardener. Fortunately, it did not happen on the same day though.

To start off with, this new house of ours, the so-called 'Villa Titanic Pecah'(have yet to take some photos and show it off, will do soon, insyaAllah), have this problem with water. The water tank is placed about 1 foot higher than the one in the phase 1 house. Kelantan Water has low pressure, so the was always problem of water shortage to both of the phase 2 houses. To solve this problem, we have to add another tank as an extra storage, and use an electric-pump to pump out water from new tank to the original tank. Initially, my mom's son law, insisted on doing all this by himself. But later, he changed his mind, and on Monday, called the pakcik plumber to set everything up.

300 gallon tank RM 180
electric pump RM280
connection pipes and etc RM120
service RM 100
Able to have a long shower, priceless.

RM100 went into the pakcik's pocket.
2 days later, one of the two taps at our kitchen sink rosak. My mom's son-in-law decided to fix the tap himself. Guess what happened? He broke the tap attachment of some-sort. So again, we have to call the pakcik plumber.

RM10 went into the pakcik's pocket.

Long weekend, on Saturday. We bought pokok longan and pokok limau purut. I planted the pokok limau. My mom's son-in-law, was excited about planting our new pokok longan. Cangkul and cangkul, he hit the main water pipe to the end-of-the road neighbour. Haiyaa...what an event to end the beautiful Saturday. Again call the pakcik plumber. Only after Maghrib, the pakcik arrived with his other 2 fellow relatives. With light from a torch, they managed to fix the leakage. Good thing that he was willing to come at that time of the day!

Up: My herbal garden; Below: The longan tree

RM10 went into the pakcik's pocket.( RM10 given to his assistant)

[RM14 the cost buying the pipe adapter (what ever)]

Moral of the story: Never underestimate a plumber. They are trained to fix the pipes and tap some RM from people like us. Without them, we might have water problem. Without us, they won't have things to fix. Life is balanced (sounds like Mufasa in Lion King ).

Have a wonderful day.

Later lah....


NBK466 said...

PINK kira okey ler dari usually BLACK Monday..

Dentist said...

Lawak la citer akak ni!

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