Sunday, 29 June 2008


I have been busy. Same ooo same old excuse.

So much for being jumping over the moon for passing the first year exam (still I'm very bersyukur), the reality is, 2nd phase of Master of Pathology is hectic-er than the 1st phase. Of course, back then I can just run away from responsibilities, chose to deal only simple cases, left the big thing to the seniors. Now, no no. Big or small the specimens sent by the surgeons/physicians, I have to process, read them under the microscope, garu kepala when the features are not fimiliar, flip the 3kg textbooks (just for one organ system!) and feeling stupid when not able to answer simple undergraduate-questions from the guru-of-the-department. On top of that, tried very hard to answer as politely as possible to the MOs or HOs when they called asking what are the final diagnosis. They ask nicely, we answer nicely lah. Some hot-headed jack-ass will be rude up their small brain, asking for report to be done, itu jam, itu time. Hard cases take time to be solved. Duh....try staying in our department for a few months, then they know what I'm babbling about.

Ok lah, that is busy about work.

Outside work?

Occupied+obssessed with my backyard garden. Planted some corns,chillies, tomatoes and kailan (In keeping with the 'changing the lifestyle' campaign). Hopefully they turn out ok. So far, the lemongrass, kunyit, limau purut, bendi and onions are doing great. I experimented sowing coriander, cumin and fennel directly into the ground. None seems to be seedling. My hypothesis, the seeds went into the tummy of this one homeless burung puyuh that came around our garden a few times last week. Dunno. Maybe.(Such a cruel thing to accuse of a homeless bird-atleast I'm not accusing it sodomising my little garden!)

Frontyard, got a few plants given by aunty and uncles, blooming gracefully in the pots. Still need a few more pots to place those that are potless. Pot ke vase? Whatever lah. FIL gave us a bunch of pokok puding last time we when back. Got so excited, I planted them into the open ground immediately upon arrival from Kuala Kangsar. So much so, KB weather is so hot and dry, the pokok became dehydrated and almost lifeless. Felt stupid,(again!), I now put them under the porch, the stems are being rendam into water mixed with penggalak-akar. Only when the roots are out, I put them where I wanted. I hope it works.

Yesterday, my hubby bought some more fruit trees (jambu seedless, limau kasturi, limau bali, kelapa mawar/madu[the short stature coconut tree]) for our garden (thanks hunny for keeping the promise). I love it. Can't wait to plant them this evening. However, my fingers are not as green as my late-grandma. Anything she planted,sure to grow nicely. Me? Some times only lah. I got this weird habit, every time I was pregnant-I went crazy about gardening, and planting. Eh, no lah, I'm beta-HCG negative. No bun in the oven ya....


Later lah...

PS: I miss my tulips and daffodils that I planted while I was pregnant with Nabilah.

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