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Finally, got some time for myself to update my blog. It has been a while. To those who visited and left some comments, many thanks. Sorry, I didn't get around answering them. To those, who wanted to berkenalan,if a saucer is too small, i 'll place a big tray.

Recalling April and May 2008.

Those 2 months were undecribe-able months for me. The pressure of exams, one after another. So, I sat for my finale exam for Master of Pathology Phase 1 between 15-24th May. Had it in the UM. I chose to stay over at the students' hostel with my other 13 classmates, and we had our meals in the Dewan Makan. It reminded me of zaman MRSM and matrix. Except for this time, most of us are mak-mak and bapak-bapak budak already! Retrospectively thinking, I behaved myself so well during those 2 weeks. Perhaps, the pressure of the exam made me do so, plus sharing the same room with my close buddy, ustaz's wifey! Fisrt and the rest of the nights there, I couldn't help, not because my huggy-bear not around, but no si kecil molek honey-bunny for me to peluk (nightly smelling of my armpit by Miss Nabilah is her effective ubat tidor!and with her doing that, if effective for me too!).
So exam days came and gone. Some of the girls cried their hearts out after diffcult papers. As for me and my roomate, we were considered as the atypical ones. The ones who were expressionless. Either the questions were difficult or easy, we didn't talk about it, and tried very very hard not to regret about what was written in the answer scripts. What was done was done. Tawakkal kepada Allah sahajalah.
Friday 23rd came. Everyone was restless, because that was the day when the decision who will be chosen for the oral examination i.e. those who needed extra points to pass. After Asar, around 530, received an sms from our lecturer. Most of the girls made a circle around me....My heart thumped so hard, my legs felt like jelly......1 then 2 then 3 girls started crying....and the winner were, 12 , who had straight pass. The other 2 had to go through viva....
1 of the selected for viva, missed the boat. And the 13 people sailed through into the 2nd phase of Master of Pathology....................
I've passed.
I could see now the sky is blue, the grasses are green.....
Yes! I was UP for a while. Euphoric.
But now, I'm back on the ground.
Back to the reality that, from now on, it's growing UP time.
I start to feel the weight of responsibilites slowly being place on these 2 shoulders of mine.........
Wish me luck.
And Yes, another thing is UP, the fuel price! I'm not so UP with that!
What will follows? Food price UP. This and that UP.
But, gaji tak UP UP pun!!
I wonder, how does a cleaner who made RM450/month, cope with these UP trend-cost of living?
In this case, someone or sometwo or somethree or somemany has to step DOWN!
Later lah.....

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jabishah said...

Congrats! Knew frm the beginning that you'd pass... ;-)
Take care!

Jom Borak

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