Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Okay, yes, I admit, I watched the debate last night.

But it sucks, firstly, the new "advanced" astro channel still has the glitch when it comes to bad weather. Me and hubby have missed many words coming out from the debators. So much so for giving all astro viewers the golden new cards!

Secondly, it sucks, because what have been 'war-warkan', was not truely delivered out.
Topic of debate is 'the fuel price hike'.
But no no, it was a moment for a few personal attacks.

Thirdly, it sucks, because politicians, they can NEVER answered what was asked. Are they so dumb that they can't give a straight forward genuine answers OR they are just too smart that they can twist their words and answer the question indirectly. I guess they must have both criteria, that's why they are who they are.

I'm truly sick with all these.


Cerita about my garden lagi bagus...

Later lah....


NBK466 said...

Untung gak rumah lum pasang ASTRO lagik..buleh ikuti debat tanpa gangguan biarpun gambar cam HAMPEH...he..he.he..

wfaiziah said...

he...he.. betul tuh..
nanti berkunjungler ke rumah maya kita pulak yer (maksudnya blog site kite la..)

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