Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Haiya...just realised, I've mistaken yesterday as 'Tuesday 15th' because it was 2nd day of my working week. So at 9pm last night, hubby watched Chuck on AXN. No debate last night. As for me, I was drained, talked about 2 hours in tutorial/small group discussion with the 2nd year undergrads during their practical/lab session. Adui...all my saliva dried up! But it made my day.

Today, yahuuuuu I finally finished all my on-call cases. Great! Now can play 'tuang-tuang' (or how do u spell it?) during office hours. Hahaha..iye la tu. Got to get a dissertation topic soon. Next month, presentation research proposal in the department.

Today, again, still under the weather, ache inside my head. Blocked nose. May be I should take the rest of the afternoon off. Balik tidor, hopefully can make things better.


Kids' talks on baby

Miss N shouted full heartedly in the car one day, "Mummy, bila mummy nak dapat baby??"
Master D immediate reply, "Mana boleh dapat baby, mummy tak belanak lagi!"
Mummy at that time was busy looking for a parking spot in KB Mall, and wondering, how come out of the blue Miss N is bising-bising for an adik.

One fine day, again same question from Miss N "Mummy, bila nak dapat baby?".
Mummy cheeky answer "Nanti mummy gi hospital ke supermarket ke, mummy beli baby, nak?"

Another fine night, during dinner.
Miss N gave an instruction "Mummy kena makan banyak-banyak, nanti perut besar, baru ada baby...."
Mummy answered "Ayah tu perut besar, sure ada baby"
Master D immediate reply "Ayah tu boy. Boy mana boleh belanak! Apa la mummy ni"

Don't know why miss N is obsessed of having a smaller figure than her at home. Maybe it's because, she got 3 new cousins this year, and that one day I made a mistake of saying......
(This was while we were back in Kuala Kangsar for a long weekend)
On the arrival day, holding the latest niece, born same date but 4 years later, as Miss N.
Mummy jokingly said" Kita bawak balik baby ke KB, nak?"( to see if she's jealous or not)
Miss N "Nakkkkkk........." with a really big smile.

Departure day
Miss N "Mummy, kenapa baby tak pack lagi beg? Mana botol susu dia? Mana nappy dia?"
Mummy " Eh, baby tak ikut la. Nanti siapa nak jaga dia?"
Miss N "Mummy dan Nabilah la jaga dia"
Mummy "Tak boleh. Kesian mama baby nanti"
Miss N already start crying out loud "Kata hari tu, nak bawak baby balik KB..."

To summarise:
1)The kids think 'makan banyak-banyak' will results in 'perut besar' equals to 'ada baby in the tummy', applies only to girls, not boys.
2) Don't talk no sense to kids, they are smarter than we think they are.
3) Master D and Miss N, cannot say 'R' collectly.
4)Miss N demands for a baby sister. Master D demands for a little brother.
5) Mummy is ignoring all these requests until some day.....wahahahaha...

Later lah....

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jabishah said...

Ok lah tu...! Tambah lah lagi sorang ke 2. N dah excited tu.. Ke u nak tunggu dia besa lg boleh tolong jaga adik???

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