Monday, 14 July 2008

It's only the 2nd day of working week

Today is Monday.
2nd working day for us in Kelantan.
But, in my mind, 2nd day working equals to Tuesday, not Monday.
It's hard to redo what has been imprinted in this brain since many many years, that first working day is Monday. Despite, having been here for almost 2 years, I still have difficulties adjusting my mind to it.
In contrast, my brain can easily accepted that Friday is the new weekend.
How our nerve cells can play with our mind, for leisure issue, can be easily installed and act upon. More serious matters, has to be rewrite over and over and over...

I'm bored.
Not that I don't have any work to do.
Of course I do.
But I'm just bored.
Perhaps, I'm getting a dose of the Monday blues.

What have been happening in the last few weeks?
The on-calls.
The post-calls.
Making the diagnoses.
Fulfilling the obligations of being a kakak sulung, making sure that my not-so-little-anymore brother is safely registered and sent off to Politeknik Dungun.
Completing the scholarship agreement with KPT.
Registering my soon-to-be-taller-than-me son into a private Islamic school.
Met the family solicitor regarding pesaka matters.
End of the day, my energy level has one bar left!

Mama and all-grown-up-youngest sis is coming this Thursday. And the house is still in a mess! Never mind lah, got another 1 1/2 day to clean up.
My little girl not feeling so well.
So is her ayah.
And her mummy, is under the weather too.

I can't be bothered reading up on what I've been told to read up on.
I can't be bothered searching for journal articles to start off my Master's dissertation.

It must be the cold virus that's doing this to me.
Yup, blame everything else but oneself.
Is that justice?
What ever lah....tonight, must watch Astro , at 9pm. Probably it is one of the moments that the whole nation has been waiting for, for a very long time.


If and only if, after the debate, fuel price goes down, also with price of other barang-barang, kan best? I reckon, it still be at 'this pace and will continue at this pace, until middle of next 2 years' Duh!!


Anonymous said...

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NBK466 said...

Emmm...still MONDAY blue aaaa.. Not Sunday one?

Jom Borak

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