Monday, 20 March 2006

Another weekend

Saturday 18th.

Woke up with 'buzzing' feeling in my head. Felt nauseous. I put it as post-recovery of a recent episode of migraine.
Managed to clear up the laundry basket, before heading for the annual 'Sheffield Games'.
Sheffield Games is the inter-universities sport events host by Malaysian students for Malaysian students. Mostly meant for the undergraduates who are lean and mean. Not saying that postgraduates(PG) are fat and flabby, but they are not as young and vibrant anymore.
What's the main participation from the PGs in this yearly event?
To run the food court and to help buying the food from the gerai-s in the food court.
That is the only event I like most.
Where else can I get satay or murtabak or apam balik in Sheffield, without having to make
them on my own? So here's the place. Just bring the cash!

An overnight in Travelodge Pontefract Ferrybrigde. GBP 10/night for family room. Cheap as chips.
One way to entertain the kids in this cold weather. Their main activity, jumping on the bed as if it's a trampoline. Next, 'swimming' in the bath tub.
I found that it's great way to get out of the house, and sleep in a different bed once in a while (as there is not pakcik-makcik to visit over here). I bet I won't be able to do this when I get back to Malaysia. Definitely there is no 3-stars motel cost RM70/night. But I might be wrong.
Sunday 19th
Woke up 550am, with my gal crying for her Ayah.
After Subuh decided to cat-nap. I could hear the roaring F1 on the telly, live from Sepang. I didn't care, I couldn't be bothered with F1 anymore. My interest in it has long gone.
Got home about 12noon. Had some toasts with Darwish while watching the kids' channel. Confirmed that we were invited to Ros's place. Yeahhh I don't have to cook for dinner tonight, again!
It was so good to meet up with Ros and Zura. I was longing for women-to-women conversation.
The meehoon soup was great. Rojak buah, bubur jagung and cucur badak filled up the tummy.
The kids had their own way of entertaining themselves.
Finally got back home. Darwish and Nabilah fell asleep in the car. Which was great, means more time to spend alone with their Ayah.
But, he's doing his work at his Mac and I'm posting this in my blog.
And as I thought the buzz in my head has gone, it is still there.
Perhaps a better day tomorrow?

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