Sunday, 26 March 2006


I'm bored this weekend.
The love-one is busy, Phd due date is approaching (by the way there is no such thing as Phd 'exact' due date, visa 'exact' expire date adalah)
So, with the kids busy with their art works a.k.a making a mess in the living room.
Let's talk about the weather.

Ever since the Tsunami back on boxing day 2004, I noticed that the weather has changed quite significantly. I'm no expert, but this is my opinion.
Last February, I think, sometime end of the month, it snowed heavily. That's was ok, February is considered winter.
Spring came on time, we had a lovely spring. Flowers bloomed as when they were supposed to be.
Summer was WARM! It be began in middle of spring and drag into end of October.
Autumn wasn't like autumn, apart from the leaves falling, temperature wise, it was quite warm.
Came November, unbelieveably cold. Sun was shining, sky was clear but temperature was freezing.
Winter approached slowly. I thought it would never come (as if!).
And yes, it snowed, end of my night shift after the boxing day.

'Mummy's made snow shower'

It snowed again mid March. What?! Suprised! Suprised!

The artic wind chilled the tulang kering.

Coming towards the end of March, still no sign of buds on the tree. As Darwish said, 'tree no leaves'

But, Allah is most Gracious, my drawf tulips start to bloom. So are the Daffodils.

The tulips and daffodils I planted 2+ years ago, have never missed to blossom when the come time.

This year, they got delayed a bit, but they will appear, I'm sure, InsyaAllah.

More pictures of my tiny garden in the future.

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