Saturday, 18 March 2006

Life as.....

I've been trying to continue my beauty sleep since awakened by my little gal's cry for her bottle, but I can't. So I decided, to force myself, but I couldn't. My mind start to race. I start to think. That's not good if you're trying to sleep. Might as well, do something useful. I jumped out of bed, and start using my husband's Mac.

I was recalling the past.
I was remembering what I have been doing in the last 20 odd years or so.

1)Life as a primary school lass- I remember I was in SRK Damansara Utama for the first 5 years, then SRK Kelana Jaya for the final year. Details, too much to remember or I'm too old to recall.

2) Life as a secondary school teenager- SM Seaport for 3 years then MRSM Beseri, Perlis for the rest of the years. I remembered jumping with joy after the SPM exam, thought I have finally finished all the exams I have to take for the rest of my life. And how I was so wrong!

3) Life as a matriculation student-tears and joy, ups and downs.

4) Life as a medical student-first year was tough, new language, new place. Final year was rough, I rebelled, I couldn't study without a TV. With all those years that I have gone through, I finally decided to buy myself a telly. And I also changed my status that year, from a Miss to a Mrs somebody. With my parents and husband's doas, I got my MBBS on 17th December 2000.

5) Life as an intern in an Australian hospital- it was hard I must admit at the beginning. Everybody said that. A&E made me wanted to quit everyday. But, overall the working shift gave me air to breathe, on-call Friday, off for the weekends; on call Saturday, Sunday was off; vice versa. I had a life. I had time to spend, I guess that's why I had my boy 3 days before I finished my internship!

6) Life as a locum SHO in a UK hospital-again I admit, it was hard at the beginning, new place, new people, new post. When you have Friday on-call, the weekends are yours too. If you're doing speciality on-call other than general medicine, you eat-sleep-and-s*** in the hospital. Imagine you have to do that from 9am Saturday until 1pm Monday (I thought I was going mad on that Sunday evening!). Fortunately, it was changed after 2/8/2004 as per new rules set by EU for junior doctors. Life improved slightly in the specialities.
Couldn't land myself in a permenant job, maybe I wasn't looking hard enough, but I said it's not my rezeki for that. Doing locum is my rezeki Allah has given me, and I praise Him. And by doing locuming, I have plenty of time to spare, and with that, Allah blessed us with a baby girl.

Life as a mom, priceless. The sweat, the tears, the laughters of Darwish and Nabilah are the medicine to heal the fatigue muscles. Though I still do need paracetamol for my occasional headaches!


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