Wednesday, 29 March 2006


Have you ever watch "Anonymous Rex"? I saw it on channel Sky One (like one of Astro channels la) Monday night. It's about a bunch of dinosaurs in human forms. I started watching it about 15-30minutes when it (siri ke?) started. Maybe it was the pilot episode.
They have this some kind of button on their belly that will turn them on-off into their true dino form. Huh? And there was also mentioned, about Apes became human too?
I was confused, really.
But I decided to follow the show until the end.
It's just like another American investigation story lah.
Someone got killed. Every dino-human said it was suicide, but this smart alec said it wasn't.
What happened here?
There was some sort of cult or 'religion' amongst the dino-human. Apa nama ntah the group... mm "Vision of Progress" (?) [ I do have terrible memory]
And of course, there is a vilian. He was the mastermind of the suicide-not just one, but a few more, which was no co incident. He was also involved with the cult, as the highest financial contributor to its movement. Underneath the surface, he also planned for a revolution, and starting by killing the dino-human council, who run the dino-human community: 4 people who made decision upon playing mahjong!
These dino-humans ARE NOT fresh meat eater. As the hero said, it has been banned for 10, 000 years or something. Everything is cooked. They're love fresh herbs, parsley, rosemary, thyme BUT not tarragon. It bad for them.
Therefore the villian decided to make tarragon gas. This will make the dino-human hyped up and turned into their true dino forms (like kena cucuk dgn heroin, jadik high la). That was how he planned to kill the council.
To cut story short, of course at the end, everyone was saved, thanks to the hero (oo wait he was shagging another she-dino when all this about to take place!). Yada yada...evolution revolution has not taken place.
Sorry I'm not a good TV commenter.
To think of it, I wonder how they've come out with this idea dinosaur evolutionised into human. Wow...dah abis idea ke bang?
They must have been doing these during their brain-storming session,
" We need something fresh. Something noone has thought of"
"Let's do an adrenaline rush medical drama with lots of relationship shoot, they already have ER...what was the other one that was scrapped Chicago Hope"
"Why don't we make a story of junior doctor who likes to talk to himself......darn that's Scrub"
"No no not another medical love story drama"
"How about a man turned into animal.......we've got Manimal, duhhh"
"Got it! What about dinosaurs turn into human beings and they managed to squeeze their big big bodies into a size 10 by pressing some part of their how it should be, so on and so forth........"
"Teh tarik satu bang, kurang gula ya...."
Well what can i say. Somebody needs to make a living.
As for me
Tuesday and Saturday: CSI-s nights
Thursdays: House night.
Still waiting for new season of Scrubs.
Not watching anymore ER......too many somebody screwing everybody, i've lost the plot.
Forgot to mention (see my poor memory again!), how they ID true human from dino-human, by sniffing the back of the neck. True human doesn't have the dino scent. Thinking of someone doing that onto my neck....made my shiver down the spine..........grrrrrrr.


NBB said...

Hi Doc Faez...

A dinosaur become human? Jauh perjalanannya tu ye!

Have a nice day.

FaEzHussain said...

Doc Nurul..

itu la, malam tu pening nak pikirkan camner la bley ade citer camner.
Anakanda punya la seronok ade citer dinosaur...

Jom Borak

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