Wednesday, 22 March 2006

One step forward

20th March

Today I took a step forward into something that I am thinking of doing for the next 25 years or so.
I signed up for a 11 weeks of long distance course, 'Essential in palliative care', in Birmingham.

The first meeting I found it daunting!
There were 20 people in the room. Mostly were nurses from the nearby hospice. 4 primary care doctors. 1 no-one, me!(I think I was the youngest in the room that evening)
The chairperson briefly ran through the course outline, introduce what palliative care is and what are the assessment of this course, before a certificate can be awarded to us.

Flipping through the course handbook in the train back to Sheffield, I felt my stomach began to turn.
I have to write a 2000 words portfolio (with citings), which I haven't done this for donkey years. It scared me!

Am I digging my own grave here?
Time will tell.
NB: Delayed of publishing due to thousands of domestic chores.

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