Friday, 14 July 2006


I didn't mean to spark any racial remarks from my previous entry. My entry was pure and simple. Not pointing fingers to anyone in particular. Of course, we can't help being racist, but as much as we can do, try to keep it subtle. :D

Ok hari ni nak bercerita pasal Phd plak. Nothing to do with Perasaan Hasad Dengki, tapi the true meaning of Phd.
Degree of higher philoshopy.
Wow sounds a mouthful.

My tabik hormat to those who have achieved or are currently striving to get this degree of higher philosophy. That's include you, my loved one.

Phd from my prespective, looks so hard. As people said, 'heavy eyes see, heavier shoulders carry'

3 years as it supposed to be.
Correct me if I'm wrong, it's about 2 1/2 years of research and 6 months of writing up. And the research can go on, like, forever if there are no accurate results or if no one puts a stop sign for it. And the writing up, bless who are doing it,the struggle of trying to put the words in a sentence that make sense, must be like, compressing the dessicated coconut for some santan. My, I can say, it's hard enough to write a 2000-6000 words portfolio, and to write a 6-7 chapters of thesis must be like.....(ran out of words!).

And some of us are not lucky enough to complete the reading of a Phd in 3 years. Some may exceed up to 4 years and some may go beyond that. But, the main thing is, you'll get there. Don't be disheartened. Write a little a day can bring the the finishing line closer (and keep the doctor at bay!). I am sure there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

And some of us, are blessed with more children as the Phd progress. I do tabik spring to these people, who got pregnant, delivered and doing their phd at the same time. Wow. I don't think I can ever be a super-mom-Phd-student.

And some of us, may be unfortunate because of the supervisors. Not all are bad. But a few bad ones gave the good ones bad names. There are a few of our fellow friends here, who did not succeed of getting their Phd. Many reasons why. But I believe, their rezeki is not getting a Phd here but elsewhere. Some returned home and continue to proceed, and now doing the degree elsewhere. See what I mean.

And as for me, the other day during that interview in London, a fellow interviewee asked me, 'u tengah buat phd ker?'. Wooo there stallion, master not yet lah, apatah phd.

And as for me, at the moment I can't see myself doing this degree just as yet. Look so tough. Don't think I have the strength. Tapi best gak yer if it is:
'Dr Faezahtul Arbaeyah Hussain, BMedSc,MBBS,MRCP,MMed,Phd'
Dream on Faez.....

In short I can say, I've already got my 'Dr' title...heheh takde phd pun.

Good Luck for those who're striving for this.
My doas are always with you (my lved one)



Raiedzall said...

Kalau Dr Faez buat Phd, nanti kena panggil doktor 2 kali. Contoh >Dr.Dr.Faez.. :)

Hot Mama said...

Yes! Tabik to these ppl who still eager to learn after obtaining a degree. For me, to think of taking up master pun tak larat.. after a degree then took 2 professional qualification dahlaa that is! Hhaha!!

NBK466 said...

Kalau buek portfolio cam tulis kat blog...ramai kot bloggers dah jadi DR...he..he..he...

Syikin said...

Dr. sorang lecturer kulliyyah saya dah pun dpt phd. yg best tu, masa dlm tmpoh 3 thn dia buat masa, dpt 2 anak!!! selang setahun tak salahnya..terkejut saya. itu pun bila terserempak ngna dia bersama dua anak kecilnya.i thought they are twin, sbb muka seiras jer.rupanya tidak..selang setahun kata dr. tu.

insyaAllah, Dr. satu hari nanti akan buat master n phd juga :)

blackpurple said...

Dulu ada juga bercita-cita nak sambung sampai PhD..... tapi tak larat, sebab ada penyakit... penyakit malas nak study :)

Ada seorang kawan ni sama2 degree dulu tapi dia terus sambung...umur 28 tahun dah dapat PhD in Physic...

KAMATO said...

Ini yang buat saya risau, boleh habis ke???????

FaEzHussain said...

Tuan Reidzall,
hahah nanti terpaksa saya cetak kad saya Dr(kuasa 2) FAH bla bla bla Phd...

Puan HM,
Tabik gak pada HM yg berjaya buat 2 prof.qualification. Jadik la tu...maybe lepas2 ni ada motivasi (or motibasi) nak buat master ke kan?

Tuan NBK466,
ha'a, kan best kan kalu gitu...

Puan Syikin,
semoga doa puan termakbul..aminnn. aim saya yg terdekat ni nak dptkan certificate hari tu...uhuk portfolio pun blom start buat lagik...

Tuan BP,
eh mana tau kut2 satu hari nanti tuan pun ter-uja nak buat phd...kan?

Tuan Kamato,
InsyaAllah akan berjaya. Kena tekun je sikit....

Zakiah said...

degree lepas pun dah legaaaa...professional papers??? not now, not tomorrow not forever insyaallah hehehhe. Saya dah malas. Tapi to those yang rajin study mcm dr ni saya mmg respect. Tak apa, belajar itu satu ibadah.lepas tu bleh sumbang pada agama. Jihad juga la kiranya.

Hot Mama said...

prof paper tuu pun kerna terpaksa pasal nak practice law, kalau takde takleh...
Rasanya tak ambikla master.. dah tak larat! Hahaha!!

bAiTi said...

i used to know a friend during my stay in london. kakak tu buat phd + sblum habis, dh 3 org anak dia..

tabik spring sungguh!

i'm thinking of furthering phd too, insya Allah kalau ada rezeki. hiks, ada gak 'usha2' tmpt nk smbg..

Anonymous said...

Good Luck..

My dream plak..

'Dr Intan Juhaina Johan, BSK, MSc, Phd'..

InsyaAllah..Amin..Sama-sama la ye.. Intan tinggal 1 stage je lagi..

Jom Borak

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